Sports Equipment Made in Dhaka

Recently, Daughter number 1 had her Sports Day. Since her new school, this year, doesn’t have space or sports facilities, and the French School doesn’t have buses, they’ve come up with an arrangement. Grace International gets to use the French School’s very large field for Sports, and the French School uses Grace’s buses when needed. I only mention this to illustrate the point of this post. As I was watching my daughter and her school friends trying their skills at the High Jump, I noticed something.

See it ? Two good old-fashioned stands, the kind that you might find pretty much anywhere, a bamboo pole (now, this, you will not find everywhere), and to hold it? Two pens. The cap on this pen kept falling each time the teacher lifted the bar further up, and each time, she carefully put it back.

Fusion High Jump Equipment. With local mattresses piled up on the ground, and there you go. A far cry from the two wealthy schools with state-of-the arts facilities that our children attended in previous years, but it met the purpose, the kids had a great time, and we witnessed some pretty impressive jumps. And isn’t that what matters?


3 thoughts on “Sports Equipment Made in Dhaka

  1. Une bonne introduction à un débat philosophique, peut-on toujours appelé le crayon “crayon” quand il ne sert pas à écrire. Les objets sont-ils définis par leur forme où leur fonction? 🙂 Un grand bonjour d’Indus Hyderabad où le soleil ardent se reflète dans la piscine toute nouvelle, toute belle!

    • Ah, bravo ! J’ai mal à la tête, maintenant. Et que quoi ? La piscine qui devait être prête il y a plus de deux ans n’est plus un mirage ? Photos, please ! Gros bisous de Dhaka, où on vous attend toujours. Il y fait tout juste bon, à mon goût. Vivement les chaleurs, décidément, je préfère ça au froid.

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