Shake up your story by Raghava KK

A friend sent me a link to another great TED talk by artist Raghava KK. It’s very short (4.30 mns) and yet, what he says is so important, and it resonates beautifully with what I’m going through in my own life : posted in a Muslim country, after six years in a predominantly Hindu country, our two daughters now attending a Christian school, my own agnostic, shaky approach to spirituality which strongly rejects all dogmas but loves to embrace rituals, and finds peace in most Buddhist teachings…

It’s a lesson in tolerance, an invitation to remembering the need for perspective, and it reminds me of another extraordinary TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie : The Danger of a Single story. I especially love Raghava’s last sentence : “I cannot promise my child a life without bias, we’re all biased, but I can promise to raise my child with multiple perspectives.”


5 thoughts on “Shake up your story by Raghava KK

  1. Oh bravo, Katia. Thank you for posting this talk. I have always wanted to shake Snuggle Mountain and change the two headed giant into a two daddies, two mommies and some how, a single parent…

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