It’s the little things that count…

About a year ago, I mentioned (here) how there’s always been a traveler’s tree in our garden since we left New York City, (in Nigeria, and then in India) and how I was comforted when I saw one in the narrow front garden of the building where we’d soon be moving, in Dhaka.

We’re about to move again, even though we’re only changing neighborhood, this time, and I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings. I can’t say I’m looking forward to spending the next several weeks surrounded with packing boxes, not to mention the stress of trying to get our new house ready for us to enter it (which means dealing with painters, A/C people, tailors, carpenters, and let’s not forget a landlord who is quite happy to see us upgrade his house, as long as he doesn’t pay for it, or as little as he possibly can.) Today, I was standing on the house porch, trying to escape the drilling noises as I waited for the tailor, watching the monsoon rain, when I noticed a small traveler’s tree in our garden ! I had not seen it until then.

Call me crazy, but I felt better. Just like that.


3 thoughts on “It’s the little things that count…

  1. It makes perfect sense to me.

    Katia, on another note, a friend is doing a stencil on her wall and I recalled to her your post about the stencil artists and the drawing they did in your new home…but I can’t find it (is it on the old blog?). could you send me a link when you have a moment? It’s not hugely important but I love making links between people.

  2. It makes a great sense to me too….when someone is confident with mooving here and there, changing houses, changing neighborhood, changing cities, changing countries, it gives a sense of familiarity to find something we are used to (a view, a thing, a shape, an architecture style,a tree in your case) and can be a reasonable source of comfort in difficult times.

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