Mother’s Day

So, I’m reading my Facebook wall, and all of a sudden, it’s all about Mother’s Day. As a majority of my friends are women, and many of them either live in the US or Canada or hail from there – even if the expat bubble landed them elsewhere – yesterday was all about celebrating mothers.

If not for Facebook, this would have eluded me totally.

To begin with, Sundays are working days, here, in Bangladesh. Something I’m yet to get used to, even though we’re now reaching the end of our ninth month in this country. A full gestation, but it has not given birth to an organic understanding of that bizarre shift in our week. I constantly refer to Friday as Saturday, to Saturday as Sunday, and routinely forget appointments made on Sunday. Strange, how our minds get used to a rhythm, to things being a certain way. If we think about it, we still have two days off work and out of school at the end of the week. They just happen on different days. But that makes the whole difference.

If that was not confusing enough, Mother’s Day is not on the same day all over the world (see here.)  In Spain, it’s on the first Sunday of May. In France, it is usually on the last Sunday of May, or the first Sunday of June (to not clash with Whit Sunday, and to keep everyone on their toes, ’cause that’s something the French like to do.) Haiti celebrates mothers on the last Sunday of May, Pentecost or no Pentecost. And according to the Wikipedia link above, Bangladesh celebrates it on the same Sunday as the US.

Really ? I just checked the newspaper, and indeed, found a small article and photo of some function in the city marking Mother’s Day, yesterday. Bangladeshi mothers don’t even get a free day on their day.

For this mother, Mother’s Day yesterday was also like any week day : I worked, my kids came home, I supervised their homework, made sure they ate dinner and brushed their teeth, and everyone went to bed.

The nice thing about our family’s confusion about Mother’s Day is that pretty often, I get a surprise when I least expect it. Not that I’m sending any hint to anyone…


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Solo para anadir a tus fechas, en Argentina es el tercer domingo de octubre! Y ayer decidi que el Kindle es una buena opcion, quizas me lo compre…

  2. Se me olvida. Todavia no tendo “The White Woman…” en papel. Lo tengo en el Kindle, y lo estoy esperando. Es de Christine, pero ahora mismo, me parece que otra persona lo esta leyendo. Es tremendo !!! Si lo recibo pronto, te lo digo.

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