My Kindle and I

I interrupt my little travelogue of our recent trip to China to share an immensely satisfying sentiment. I’m in love with my Kindle.

I’m not a techie. In fact, I’m the slow/reluctant/kicking and screaming kind when it comes to adopting new technologies. When digital cameras came out, I shrugged, and pursed my lips. I’d keep my old fashioned camera with its roll films, thanks very much. My husband, Gadget Man, wisely ignored me, bought me a digital camera, and… waited. I grumbled thank you, showed mild, polite interest in that new “thing” (so much smaller, so easy to carry, so easy to use), and after a few months of dwindling resistance, I not only adopted, but soon embraced the new technology.

Same thing when the iPod came out.

And then, the Kindle was born. Again, I went “Nah!” How could e-books possibly replace the real thing – the feel of a book in one’s hands, touching the paper, smelling it, looking at the cover, searching the inside for pictures, illustrations, designs, photos… ? And once the book is read, hold it a while longer, find its ideal place in our library (genre, author, theme ?), and then look at the spine and remember the story, how it made me feel, where I was when I read it, from time to time take it out again… How could a Kindle give me all that ?

Well, it cannot.

But… if you live in a place with barely any bookstore, and so poorly stocked you come out feeling depressed (oh, how I miss the book stores in India ! They were often disorganized, chaotic, with piles of books crowding the floors, but I never went in, and came out empty- handed), the Kindle suddenly becomes an object worthy of worship.

Do I read a review of a novel that has me feeling impatient, eager to read it ? All I have to do is find out whether it’s available for Kindle (and more and more, they are) and in a few minutes flat, there it is.

Of course, I’ll continue buying books. But I can be more selective. I’ll even buy a book that I’ve already read on my Kindle (something I did for Monique Roffey’s  The White Woman on the Green Bicycle, because that’s one novel I want, and need close to me). But I get the best of both worlds now. Speed. Convenience. And lightness – not to be underestimated, when you travel a lot. Imagine being able to carry several novels in a single, slim e-book the size of three iPhones.

Of course, that brings me to the next gadget I’m now lusting after. The iPad.


6 thoughts on “My Kindle and I

  1. I sat on a plane between Bkk and the US once with a bag of reading material but no book light. My seatmate was sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb that with my overhead light. So I sat, trying to watch movies in another language without subtitles and envying the person several aisles ahead of me who was reading from a kindle that had its own light.

    And if I had been forced to stay in Penang, where the bookstores are beyond abysmal, I would probably be reading electronically now.

    Great post, Katia–thank you!

  2. Hola
    me gusta mucho de vez en cuando leer tu blog. Ahora me interesa tu kindle. Se pueden leer libros en otros idiomas? Se ven ilustraciones? Yo no leo libros en ingles, la mayor parte dle tiempo solo en aleman. Nos vemos

  3. Thanks, Janet. Sometimes, being a little practical has its advantages. 🙂

    Dominica, gracias por visitar a my blog. No se cuantos libros se encuentran en espagnol, pero no me sorprenderia que haya bastante. Es el segundo idioma hablado en los Estados Unidos… Si visitas at, te enterraras. He comprado classicos en frances para 2 o 3 Euro el libro. Todavia no hay tantos como en Ingles, pero seguro que habran mas y mas. Hasta pronto.

  4. la verdad com ote dije yo leo mas en aleman;-) pero hay, estuve viendo y hay, sobre todos los clasicos que uno le quier eleer alos chicos y quiere que los chicos lean..tambien!
    Seria como un Kindle familiar. Ahora el libro de The white women and the green bicycle…me viene justo a mi pero solo lo encontre en ingles aun. Lo tienes? Yo no leo en ingles pero podria animarme. No es que no entienda sino que siento que las palabras me llegan menos.

  5. acabo de descubrir tambien la posibilidad de bajar sin costo alguno, la aplicacion del kindle a la mac. Y asi ya se puede leer en tu computadora tambien. De todos modos, creo que vamos adquirir el Kindle, los chicos felices si pueden leer mas comics!

  6. It does seem like the inevitable wave of the future, simply for the convenience. My husband got a kindle for Christmas and LOVES it. I think I’m going to ask for one for my birthday.

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