Remembering Scribbly

Well, fumbling notwithstanding, I’ve returned to the Scribbly image for blog number two’s title. I like it. It has an assiduous and industrious flavor, and a childlike quality that appeals to me. It also reminds me of a little witch character I created, some years ago. Her name was Scribbly, and she wanted to write a perfect novel more than anything else in the world. Any similarity with this blog’s author is, of course, totally fortuitous – not. Scribbly was one of my very first characters, born about the same time as Ifeanyi Amadi, in fact. But she had a flaw. She took too much after her creator. Or rather, her creator poured far too much of herself into this little witch. She didn’t let her be. I was very new at this creative writing business. I didn’t know we have to listen to our characters. They know what will make them vibrant and alive. Several years later, hundreds, thousands of pages later, I STILL find it hard to let my stories and my characters be, at times. The concept of letting go is not something I have organically integrated, in spite of all the psycho-soul searching-book reading-etc. But I work on it. In a way that’s both me (disorganized, scattered, and plagued with procrastination and lots, and lots of fumbling) and Scribbly (eager, hard-working, determined and persevering.) Who knows, maybe, one day, I’ll take that manuscript out of the drawer where it’s been sleeping all these years, and something will come out of it. Or, Scribbly will remain a character whose sole purpose was to help me on my writer’s long, and bumpy journey.


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