New wall.

 I found the cable to download the pictures from my camera at the bottom of one of the bags I had not yet emptied. I can now show you our new wall.

When they first came to measure it, I asked if it was necessary to protect the floor. They just smiled, and said no. It was true.

First, they drew the the main lines on the wall, with pencils: the trees, the branches, a few animals.

Then, they started painting, using only small jars of paint and very thin brushes. See how the wrist supports the hand that paints, so the lines are even?

The young boy who was with them is the son of the man, above, and they assured me that he was 16 years old, even though he does not look a day older than 12.

And here is the wall.

I love looking at all the details, like these ladies drying a sari…


8 thoughts on “New wall.

  1. Thank you, everyone. Uma, thanks especially for the encouragement. I so need it at the moment when I feel totally dry. But you are right, there is a story there… I need to clear my mind of all the clutter that's making it impossible for me to write anything at the moment.

  2. Salut Katia,
    3 minutes de tranquillité et je viens aux nouvelles. Prise de curiosité sur ce wall… et bien m'en a pris. Superbe, voilà ce que je voudrais pour mes murs (montée d'escaliers notamment !!)… soupirs !
    Bisous à toutes et si tu as le temps donne des nvelles par mail. Cyrille

  3. I LOVE the wall, Katia! When I was young my friend's older twin sisters were artists and there was one corner in the downstairs of her father's very expensive house where they painted jungle trees and red parrots flying right on the wall! I instantly loved it and have always wanted a similar wall ever since! Your wall inspires me……*looks around for a blank wall…..*

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