Decorating our house with local art.

When I first arrived, an expat who’s been living here for a while gave me a list of shops where I could find… this, and that. One drew my attention immediately because my friend mentioned that it had many local handicrafts. I think it’s one of the first shops I visited, in fact. Here is what I saw as I went up the stairs of that small building.

The pictures were taken with my phone, and there wasn’t much light, so they’re not very good. Still, it gives an idea.

Inside the shop, which does, indeed, carry very pretty things made locally (name of the shop is JATRA which is a popular form of Bengali theatre) there was more of this beautiful art.

I bought a few pretty cups painted with the same kind of art, and as I was paying, found out that it is possible to hire the artists. It’s just a matter of making an appointment, and giving your address. They then come to your home, office, school, whatever, and transform a boring wall into something brimming with life.

Three different styles are available, and the price is calculated according to how many square feet are painted.

As I type this post, I have three artists (two adults and one young boy whose age I wonder about) working right inside the apartment.

Before and After pictures to come in another post.


4 thoughts on “Decorating our house with local art.

  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing the before & after photos of your new place. … Seems your move is going well 🙂 Saludos desde Hyd.

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