My Tuesday picture of Haiti : Combing Hair

Eleven weeks since the earthquake, and almost two months since my husband left to go and help with the relief effort, there.

He recently had to go to the Dominican Republic to participate in a conference, in preparation for the big one to be held at the United Nations in New York, tomorrow. While there, his camera was stolen inside his bag, in the UNICEF office – in other words, a place that only UNICEF staff are likely to have access to. To say that he was upset and disgusted it to put it mildly. Luckily, I had asked him to email me some of his pictures, and he had, on that same day. Unfortunately, connexions being slow, he was only able to email a handful. Still, here are two of these pictures, the first one taken in Haiti, the second in the Dominican Republic. Two countries and two people sharing an island.

Everyone has been praising the amazing outpouring of help coming from the DR since day one… and counting. Amazing in light of the bloody history between the two countries. Scenes like this, and the generous response to the January 12 earthquake, make it possible to remember that, in spite of the bad blood, and in spite of the fact that one country is much better off than the other, Haiti and the DR share a lot more than a border.


One thought on “My Tuesday picture of Haiti : Combing Hair

  1. Uma Krishnaswami has left a new comment on your post “My Tuesday picture of Haiti : Combing Hair”:

    So sorry about the loss of your husband's camera, but thank you for these pictures and for some hopeful news in the middle of so much tragedy.

    Thanks, Uma. Accidentally deleted your comment, so reposting this way so I can answer. One has to cling to hope in such a situation. What else to do ?

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