The beauty of our expat life

On Tuesday night, our daughters’ school had their annual stage production, and it was such a joy to see these children partake in a celebration that honored diverse cultures.

The children were awesome, their costumes absolutely stunning, and as I watched my daughter sing a song in Hindi, then play a piano piece from American composer William Gillock, and finally perform an Indian folk dance, I thought about how lucky our Third Culture Kids are to be able to sample the world in this way.

Of course, being an expat has its downsides and heartbreaks, and it’s always good, and even necessary to be aware of them, but the breadth of these children’s experiences and exposure is something that needs to be celebrated as well. Today’s post is an expression of gratitude for the richness of our very colorful life.

Very blurry picture above, because it’s not a picture, but a short movie. Unfortunately, I have not been able to upload it. Not quite the tech wizard, me…

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