My Haiti picture for today : Tropical Flowers

Three weeks since the earthquake.

My husband is leaving for Haiti, tomorrow, to help with the UNICEF relief effort there. He’s been asked to come with a tent, Swiss army knife, flashlight, sleeping bag and antibiotics. One of his colleagues who’s been there for almost two weeks has been sleeping in a car. Not that they’re complaining.

I know he’s been on pins and needles ever since the news of the earthquake reached us, waiting, waiting, waiting for the call to go. Our 5 and half years old daughter told him : “Two months is too long. You come back after one month, OK?” And then, she added : “So, I’ll see you on Wednesday?” Time is still a hazy, confusing notion for her, but I know that she will find the time very, very long indeed – as we all will. Her dad often travels, but he’s never been gone for so long.

This week’s picture was taken in my mother-in-law’s garden in Fermathe, and I’m posting it for my husband who loves flowers. It’s called Heliconia Pendula. Aren’t they beautiful?


6 thoughts on “My Haiti picture for today : Tropical Flowers

  1. Beautiful photo, Katia. Regardless of how many earthquakes, the flowers will always bloom to give people hope.

    Good luck to Michel, and to you as you manage without him for so long.


  2. Katia,
    It's good that your husband can be in Haiti helping with the development effort and close to his family, but it must be hard for you and the girls to be without him. Hope time flies until he's back with you. The flowers are lovely!

    The kids and I are planning a trip to India in June. New Delhi first, then on to Nainital and Dehradoon. I know H'bad is way down south, but maybe we can talk on the phone πŸ™‚

  3. Nandini, thanks. Early June? Otherwise, maybe we can see each other in August in the US πŸ™‚ Hope we manage to do one or the other at some stage during the summer. Would love that.

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