TCKID, hacker attack, and the need to back up

I can’t remember how I came across the TCKID community. A grassroots project started by a young TCK, Brice Royer, and strongly supported by Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author with David Pollock of Third Culture Kids : The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds, they count 21 000 members, and 13 local groups from Singapore to NYC. They have (had, actually, but read on) a website, and Brice Royer filmed several You Tube videos where he shares his experience about growing up a Third Culture Kid.

Of course, I immediately subscribed. Then, today, I received an email saying that the website was shut down, following a hacker attack on WordPress. Read about that, here.
As an aside, it suddenly downed on me that blogs can disappear, and if I didn’t back mine up, well, who is to know what could happen? Do YOU back up your blog ? That thought had never even occurred to me, but I’m glad it’s done, now. (and easy to do, too. Go to the help section, and follow the instructions. Of course, I downloaded a whole lot of undecipherable lingo, but I suppose that’s normal.)
Anyway, any expat reading this can check the TCKID community, and answer their call for help if they want to. I know I’d like my children to be able to count on this kind of support, as they grow up. Follow this link, if you want to find out more.

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