Baffled !

Well, this is yet another departure from my usual posts, but I just have to share how baffled I am, these days, whenever I read about the number of people who have reportedly died of shock (?), or by committing suicide, after the helicopter crash that costs its life to Andhra Pradesh’s recently reelected Chief Minister, Y.S. Reddy. 122 people, according to some newspapers. But why ? What does this achieve ? M. Reddy’s son had to come on TV and beg people not to commit suicide anymore.
Life seems to have so little value, in India. People commit suicide for the most absurd (to me, at least) reasons : children commit suicide because they received a bad grade, or failed an exam, parents commit suicide because their child had a bad grade or failed an exam, a mother will commit suicide because her daughter or son decided to marry someone who doesn’t meet the family’s approval, etc, etc. Now, some of the reasons here may be explained. Maybe. Upholding the family’s honor is paramount, here (as in other societies, after all.) You don’t want to face the shame. It’s just too hard to have to live with it. Okay, fine.
But to commit suicide or go into cardiac arrest because a political leader died suddenly ? Nope, I don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “Baffled !

  1. I didn't know about the little finger cutting in South Korea. As for suicide, I suppose it can be explained when people are seriously depressed, when it seems there is no hope, etc. But for a politician ?

  2. What a fabulous picture of a yoga pose, Braja. As for getting a hobby… mm, it might be interesting to find out whether there is a class pattern as to whom committed these suicides. I do wonder if some of these people even had the option of getting a hobby… Don't you think?

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