"First Draft Blues!"

Being back home with the kids back at school doesn’t only mean that I have more time for myself, but also that I get to sit in my office, instead of the dining table in the middle of the living room, and also that I can catch up on blog reading – a bit. Just stumbled upon this post, today, and found it so relevant to what I’m going through, now, and so often, that I just have to share. Go visit Heather Vogel Frederick’s blog, Set sail for adventure. There are some gems, there.

I particularly like Jo Knowles’ contribution. He must be one of those writers who don’t outline: “Writing a first draft is like trying to assemble a giant jigsaw puzzle without getting to look at the picture first.”
Another favorite, from Rukhsana Khan: “Writing a first draft is like stepping off a cliff and hoping the story will catch you.”

2 thoughts on “"First Draft Blues!"

  1. Oooh. I like that last one. Just shows how much faith we have in our stories. As we should — especially you. So happy writing in your big beautiful study.

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