Greetings, everyone, and welcome back to our virtual book tour. We have been roaming the world and the kidlit blogosphere for the past three weeks, now, and what a journey this is turning out to be.

Today, Bri, at Bri Meets Books, shares my photo essay “Snapshots of My Life in India.” You can also find Bri’s earlier review of Amadi’s Snowman, here
We then return to The Well Read Child where Jill interviews Dimitrea Tokunbo, the illustrator.
And to add even more colors to today’s post, I thought I’d share the story written and illustrated by one of the children at the Vidyaranya High School, in Hyderabad. I love the way she took the existing premise of the story and made it entirely her own.

Amadi’s Birthday Party

“Amadi, a Nigerian, was turning 10 next week. So he invited his friends to his birthday party. Six days had pasted Amadi and his mother made sweets, baked a cake, made juice, and blew balloons. Amadi did not know how to read. He thought that reading is not important for birthday parties. Next day, his friends came to his birthday party, they got presents and birthday cards. They played games, ate sweets and ate the cake. They had lots of fun! Amadi opened the cards. He didn’t understand anything. There were pictures of people laughing, he thought they were making fun of him because he doesn’t know how to read. Then he opened the presents. And saw the instructions of the toys. Then he realized that he could not read. therefore he started learning how to read.”

Wonderful job, Raziqa ! Thank you.


“Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time.” Edwin P. Whipple

Tomorrow, we visit Annette Gulati’s blog, The Writing Wild Life, to talk about writing spaces and inspiration. And we have our regular feature “Where in the World is Amadi?”
See you then…

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