Kedu ! Hello everyone!

See the boy on the cover above? That’s ME ! Amadi, from Igbo Land in Nigeria. I’m so happy to be here that my legs and my arms and even my heart want to bound and bounce all around. Problem is, it makes it hard to type on a computer keyboard at the same time. So I will sit still long enough to tell you that we are going to spend the whole month of November together. 

Yes! This is the global virtual book tour for “Amadi’s Snowman” and Mama Katia – the author, Katia Novet Saint-Lot – says we will travel around the world to celebrate the release of my story as a picture book. We will visit schools in the US, and in Nigeria, in Haiti, and in India.

Oups, Mama Katia is dictating these words to me, now, and she’s talking too fast. I think she’s really excited, too. She says that we will participate in a global conversation about books, reading, and what they mean for everyone, children as well as grown-ups.
We will visit many, many blogs, we will learn about sustainable libraries in several countries around the world, and we’ll spend some time with Mama Dimitrea Tokunbo, the illustrator.
There will be trivia questions, quizzes,  and prizes to win.
We’ll also have a feature called “Where in the World is Amadi?” with pictures of children reading the book in different places, and some video clips, and a lot more.
We’ll have a blast, and do you understand why my whole body wobbles from wanting to bound and bounce?
Do come back, and enjoy our journey. Send comments, and feel free to participate so we can all rejoice in the magic and power of books. (these are Mama Katia’s words. Then again, she’s right. Books ARE magic. I know that now.)
Kodi ! Bye !
Signed : your friend from Nigeria, AMADI
Hello, I’m Katia Novet Saint-Lot, your host for this global virtual tour, and after Amadi’s introduction, I only need to add a few words. I do hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as we enjoyed preparing it. 

With this feature, we intend to follow Amadi and the book, as they show up in different places around the world. So, wherever you are, do send me pictures of your child (or children) with the book at, and I’ll publish them as I have done, here, and here.
Today, we have Peter and Patrick, in Enugu, still wearing their school uniform from The British School of Enugu. This is really special, as Peter is the same age as my daughter Kora, and they used to attend the same class. Patrick was still a toddler when we left Enugu, and look at him, now. Finally, their mother, Dr. Theresa Madubuko, was my invaluable contact in Enugu, and tirelessly conducted research for me, asking all sorts of questions to anyone and everyone on my behalf, including her patients at the hospital where she works.

Dalu, Peter and Patrick!


“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on Treasure Island ,and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.” Walt Disney


Come back tomorrow. We will post our first trivia and visit the Bees Knees Reads blog.


  1. Bon voyage, Amadi! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Blog Tour. I will be tagging along — from my home in Michigan. Can’t wait to see where we go.Cesar, the green iguana

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