Lord Ganesha travels to the Dominican Republic

Last year, I wrote this post about the festival of Ganesh, the God of auspicious beginnings. We had friends visiting from the Dominican Republic, at the time, and of course, we took them around the city,

and we also went to see the giant statue of Ganesha, before its immersion in the lake Hussein Sagar.

Today, I received this picture from Genevieve. She created a little altar to Ganesha (see the small statue of the idol with the elephant head, lost in the foliage and flowers behind the candle?) in her home in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

I love it that our friends took with them the colors, fragrances, and beautiful details of this joyous Indian festival and decided to recreate it on the other side of the world.


4 thoughts on “Lord Ganesha travels to the Dominican Republic

  1. Hi Scribbly,Thanks for the post. I truly loved the time spent in India with your family, truly a life enriching experience.Ganesh has joined the pantheon of angels, spirits and lwas to whom I pay respect. I know he brings me good luck, look at the friend I have gained through him! : )Keep writing, every one agrees that you have a gift and shine a light YEAH bon bagay!

  2. ganesh just loves to travel, doesn’t he! you’d think he’d lose a little weight by now with all that activity and all the stress from having to remove everyone’s obstacles and bless everyone’s new beginnings! one of my critique buddies and i do lunch every once in a while and ganesh always accompanies us, sitting proudly on the table. he’s so cute, all the women hit on him…he’s got more than a few converts in socal restaurants ;0

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