New Look !

When I first decided to have a blog, I spent hours trying to understand the whole template thing. Not that it’s so difficult, but this was totally new territory for me, and I’m not the quickest one when it comes to figuring out these sorts of things. The whole html-code-thing has my brains tied up in tight knots. I’m not much more fluent in the language, nowadays, but nor am I intimidated the way I used to be. So, I decided to change the colors of the blog, make it warmer. This may still change, I’ll see how I feel when I get back to it again and again.
Want to let me know what you think?


6 thoughts on “New Look !

  1. Hi!I’ve seen in expat-blog that you’re living in India as an expat and so am I. I’m from both Spain and Brazil, and I saw that you’re from Spain as well. So I think it would be good to share some experiences in a country like India. Which city are you staying? You can just go to my blog(even though it is mainly written in Spanish, I don’t know if you speak it x) ) and then we can get in touch. 😉

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