My day in New York

It is almost 11 pm and I’m munching on soft baked chocolate chunk cookies, thinking about the day. I did not sleep well, last night, tired after the flight from Haiti, and disturbed by the constant background noise. I had forgotten how noisy New York is. This morning, I was tired, and nervous, well, more like borderline frantic, actually. Of course, I didn’t need to be…

I walked the streets of Manhattan for more than two hours, reacquainting myself with the city before I reached the 192 Bookstore in Chelsea. It is a lovely bookstore with a very good selection of books. Dimitrea soon showed up with her two adorable daughters, and then, more people arrived. I read the book and Dimitrea talked about her process as an artist and an illustrator. It was very interesting, and everyone was so nice, and not even bothered by my accent.

I ran back to my room to shower and, most importantly, to change shoes ! My feet were killing me. And I took the subway to Utica Avenue and the Brownstone Bookstore on Lewis Avenue, in Brooklyn. There again, a lovely place, with a nice, cosy feeling to it. 
There again, the response was lovely. People seem to really appreciate the story, they love the illustrations, and I even got to meet the models that Dimitrea used to create several characters in the book. I’m feeling very happy and content, tonight.

                                Posing with Dimitrea


               This handsome young boy was the model for Amadi.


10 thoughts on “My day in New York

  1. Very cool! I actually just got my copy of the book and will post about it on my blog at some point, when I get a chance. It’s funny to think of you having an accent, since I’m so used to reading you on the screen, where you speak perfectly native English– with an upstate New York accent! Oh wait, I guess that’s me. 😉

  2. Thank you, Annette, Janet and Kate. Checking in quickly from Los Angeles, where I’m attending the SCBWI national conference. It’s so great to be hear.

  3. Katia,It’s great to read about your time in New York! I finally got to read my copy of Amadi’s Snowman when I got home. I love it. Have a wonderful time in L.A.!Love,Nandini

  4. Hello Jo Ann, and I only now manage to reply to comments. I WAS nervous, but then, everyone was so kind and supportive, and I started reading, and wouf, I forgot about being nervous. It felt great, in fact. I think I could get addicted to that :))Hope you’re well.

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