A Second Reading, in Brooklyn, this time.

July 30 will be an exciting – and busy – day. I mentioned the reading at 192 Books in Chelsea, but I will be giving another one in Brooklyn, at Brownstone Books, in the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, at 7 PM. For those who live in Brooklyn, my old beloved borough, or those who can’t make it in Manhattan, in the afternoon… As for the other reading in Manhattan, the illustrator of Amadi’s Snowman, Dimitrea Tokunbo, will be there with me.


6 thoughts on “A Second Reading, in Brooklyn, this time.

  1. Dear Katia–I just finished reading Amadi’s Snowman after receiving it a half-hour ago and immediately posted a tiny review of it on my blog at Tone Deaf. Thank you for what you have made! This is such a special book on so many levels–most of all by giving us Amadi and the world that is his. Will there be more of his adventures??? I love him and want to know him better! So gratefully, Janet

  2. Dear Katia– Today is the day of your readings and since Seattle is 3 hours behind NYC, you’ve already triumphed at one and are on to the next. I am so happy for you!! Tomorrow my PT blog review of Amadi will be on a children’s literature carnival which is a monthly compendium of different posts about children’s literature–a tiny step toward fame, along with the giant steps you’re taking today in the Big Apple… Janet

  3. Janet, thank you, thank you, thank you. How thoughtful and kind of you to do all that. And sorry for the silence, lately. I could not access the Internet, while in Haiti. Both readings went well, today. And now, I have to pack and get some sleep, as I’m flying to LA, tomorrow, and I barely got any rest, last night, and I’m not good at sleeping in planes, unfortunately, and I need some energy for the SCBWI conference. Could we exchange emails?

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