The book is here !

Last night, my husband brought home the DHL box sent by the printer in South Korea. I just had to record the event for the blog.

Yours truly, still looking as if she doesn’t quite believe it.

Of course, I had to show it to my favorite fan in the whole world. Luckily, my daughter was not yet asleep. For months, she’s been asking me : “when will you get the book?” And to my diverse answers, she always gave a sigh and added one of her favorite expressions : “I can’t wait.”

Another month, and it should be in bookstores !


16 thoughts on “The book is here !

  1. Thanks, Kristin. It is a strange feeling, actually. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m so focused on what I’m writing now, and also on seeing other stories published, that I find it hard to actually stop to fully enjoy what’s going on. And yet, I should, I must, remind myself that this is quite an accomplishment 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful!!!!Congratulations!I am so proud of you — this represents so much effort and perseverance and so much talent. Take time to enjoy this moment. Sue

  3. Katia! That’s absolutely fabulous! The art looks beautiful. I wish I could actually read it. Is it out in stores yet? I have to get one! Enjoy the moment and CELEBRATE!!love, Nandini

  4. Thank you, Sue, Annette et Nandini. This business of writing would be so much harder and lonelier than it already is without the wonderful friendships we develop along the way. They mean so much to me. And, Nandini, the book is available for pre-order on amazon, barnes and noble, etc, and will be in bookstores starting May 31 – a bit of shameless publicity 🙂

  5. Hooray Katia! And there is no such thing as shameless publicity when it comes to a book–it’s more like the celebration that accompanies a birth announcement.

  6. un peu de français dans ces commentaires, au moment où je découvre tes dernières nouvelles!Moi aussi je suis très fière de toi ! Bravo, bravo ! avec la certitude que ce n’est que le début d’une très belle carrière !

  7. Congratulations, Katia! I remember when you were going back and forth with changing the name of your main character for this book, and now here he is, looking back at us from the cover! So exciting.🙂 Natalie

  8. Merci, Miou. C’est très bien, un peu de français au milieu de tout l’anglais. J’espère que tu laisseras d’autres commentaires, de temps à autres. Bisous.

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