Another vignette from Incredible India !

It’s been a while since I posted a vignette about India, the land of contrasts ! Here is what I saw, the other day, on a very busy road going from Hyderabad to Secunderabad. Actually, I didn’t quite know how to take a picture, as I was in my car, and the traffic was really bad, but then, the man riding that bullock cart had the great idea to turn on a sideroad, and we were able to park and I jumped out.

Need to come closer to believe it ? Here we go :

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3 thoughts on “Another vignette from Incredible India !

  1. Dear Katia,Thanks for posting this fabulously funny and amazing picture … only in India! How is everything in Hydrabad? I’m in Uma’s class too. I love your blog. Hope to see your work soon.Cheers,Nandini

  2. This is great! And it reminds me of a Christmas card I received this year at work. It was from our bulk shipping company … which had just majorly ticked me off because I’d come in on my day off to meet them for a pickup and they never showed up … and their card arrived, with a photo of a horse-drawn carriage with their name on it. Ah, so that’s why they were so slow and inefficient! Interesting choice for a shipping company holiday card!

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