Rajasthan, Udaipur

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Udaipur was also founded on a spot where a hermit was meditating, but this time, the hermit blessed the prince Rama Udai Singh II – this is the year 1559 – and told him that this would be an auspicious spot to build a new city. Surrounded by hills, and on the shores of the lake Pichola, Udaipur is truly magical. Here we see the Lake Palace on the left – of James Bond fame : Octopussy, with Roger Moore, was filmed here – and the City Palace on the right.

The next two pictures are of the City Palace, seen from the lake.

This is another view of the Lake Palace from inside the City Palace, this time.

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I loved how the sun played with the sheer colorful fabrics of the women’s saris. This is a window of the City Palace overlooking one of the gorgeously decorated courtyards, as seen in the picture below.
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Here I’m, below, with my little one, exploring the streets of Udaipur.

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And this concludes our little tour of Rajasthan.

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