Book Question of the Week on Shen’s Blog

Anyone interested in multicultural literature ought to read Shen’s Blog. Over the summer, they had a fascinating 6-weeks series titled “Crossing Cultural Borders.” And now, they’ve come up with an interesting game called “Book Question of The Week.” This week, the question is about conflict and anyone is invited to choose a picture book title – it doesn’t have to be a multicultural book – and play.

I chose Monsoon by Uma Krishnaswami. I loved the atmosphere and lyrical quality of the book when I first read it. Now that I’ve experienced that longing for the rains to finally break the sky and bring an end to the blistering heat and dryness, I can appreciate it even better.

Want to think of a picture book title – before you know the question – and play bookish games with other book lovers?


2 thoughts on “Book Question of the Week on Shen’s Blog

  1. I teach a couple classes at nearby teacher’s college and once a semester, I have my students read and discuss picture books. Today, one group chose to read Monsoon. I love the language in that book, but they found it a bit difficult.

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